My Teen Girl (2021)


The intense yet resplendent growth phase for students harboring dreams of becoming idols will commence. A girl group will be born out of this audition project with the aim of winning the hearts of global audiences. Actor Yun Kyun Sang is the MC who will connect the viewers and the students with his sophisticated way of eliciting emotions and empathy. The students are divided into the grades of 1 to 4, and each class has its own homeroom teacher. These four teacher/producers are Oak Joo Hyun, the leading musical diva of Korea, Yu Ri, the global idol with a career of 15 years, Aiki, the passionate and creative performance dancer, and SOYEON of (G)I-DLE, the genius producer idol. Who will become the final members out of a total of 83 trainees for this global idol group to enthrall the world’s viewers?

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