Baked Cheese Shrimp

Baked Cheese Shrimp topped with cheese and mayo and baked until golden and bubbly are sure to be everyone’s favorite appetizer. They’re so creamy, cheesy, and deliciously addictive, it’s hard to stop at one!

One of the many restaurants my daughter and I used to frequent was Hokkaido, an all-you-can-eat Japanese seafood place in the city of Long Beach. The university she went to is a few blocks from the restaurant, and we would often come for dinner when I picked her up from school. In fact, this was where we celebrated her college graduation with a few of our family and friends.

The restaurant is about $25 per head, and you really get a full bang for your buck. Their menu is pretty extensive, from a wide array of Chinese dishes, carving stations, sushi and salad sections, and made-to-order teppanyaki.

But even with the wonderful variety and choices, there were only two things we always beelined for: King crab legs and baked cheese shrimp! Freshly-cracked crab meat slathered in lemon butter? Woe to my ever-expanding girth. And this succulent shrimp topped with creamy cheese? Nom heaven!

If you’re looking for a simple yet elegant appetizer for your next get-together, these cheesy baked shrimp are sure to level up your party food game. They’re easy to make yet look so fancy and taste amazing.

You can pretend you spent all afternoon slaving away in the kitchen when in fact, they took all but 20 minutes to make. Butterflying the shrimp is most of the work involved, and with a good pair of kitchen shears and a sharp knife handy, and you’ll be done in a breeze.

What you’ll need

And not only are these baked cheese shrimp ready in minutes, but they also have a short list of ingredients. Only four things separate you from the yummiest seafood appetizer ever!

  • Use large to jumbo shrimp for this recipe as they are easier to prep. I was lucky to find 31-40 size on sale this weekend at our neighborhood supermarket, and they were just right for the job.
  • Helpful Tips

    If you’d like to switch up the type of cheese, I recommend Monterey Jack, Mexican blend, or processed filled cheese food (Eden) as they melt quickly and are creamy. DO NOT use mozzarella cheese as it’s very stringy when melted.
    To boost color and flavor, you can add some herbs or spices such as chives, parsley, and garlic (fresh or powder).
    To keep from overcooking the shrimp, bake at a high temperature of 400 F so the cheese will be golden and bubbly by the time the shrimp are perfectly done.